Proficient Tool for Recoveing Erased Micro SD Card Data

“I am using Micro SD card in my Android phone to store a number of files. But yesterday, while I was moving data from card to phone’s internal memory, my Android device got abruptly switched off which intern leads to deletion of files that were under transfer process. So, if anyone knows about erased Micro SD card recovery, then please let me know. Thanks in advance….”

Have you met with similar consequence as mentioned in the above scenario, and now looking for a way to restore deleted files from Micro SD card? If yes, then be relaxed!!! Because, in the current era you will find numerous application on the net that helps you in recovering erased Micro SD card data. But before choosing any recovery application, you need to remember of few things such as “immediately stop using Micro SD card once you realize that your required data is deleted from it, take out the card from device on which you were using it, do not add or save new info until the deleted data is recovered from it”.  This is because the deleted files will not be permanently erased from the card until it gets overwritten by fresh data. So, by taking care of things mentioned above and using the best and highly ranked utility one like Restore Erased Software you can recover deleted files from Micro SD card with utmost ease. Before that, let’s know what situations, files get deleted from memory card.

How data gets erased from Micro SD card?

  • Unintentional Deletion: If your Micro SD card is lagging in memory space, then you may erase unused or unwanted info from it. But during this process, there are possibilities that, you may unintentionally select some of your valuable files and perform the delete operation.
  • Format: Sometimes, after interfacing Micro SD card to your system, you may accidentally format it which leads to loss of entire data from it. Also, there are certain situations that make you format the card internationally, and lose stored information from it.
  • Interruption: The data stored in Micro SD card can be transferred to a system, and internal memory of the camera, phones, etc. But while transferring files from the card, if any of these devices gets abruptly turned off, the data might get deleted from the card. Also, an abrupt ejection of the card during file transfer process can lead to deletion of files from it.
  • Anti-virus Scan: If your Micro SD card is affected by harmful viruses, then it might become inaccessible and you may lose all your vital documents from it. So, to avoid such situations, you may scan the card to keep it free from virus using an anti-virus app. But during the scanning process, some of your valuable information might go missing from the card.

Apart from above-listed file deletion scenarios, there are more consequences due to which, data gets deleted from Micro SD card such as intentional deletion, mishandling, using a card on multiple storage devices and more. Anyhow, these scenarios can be avoided by taking few safety measures as follows.

Before ejecting the Micro SD card from a computer or other device, close all the card files that are opened, also wait until the data transfer process gets completed. Avoid interfacing card to virus infected systems. Preview the list of files select for deletion. Do not capture images when your phone or camera is running short of battery. Take the backup of your valuable info before formatting the card as it will be helpful in any disastrous situations.

If any of your important data is missing from the card even after following these precautionary measures, then do not worry!!! Because, using Erased Recovery application, you will definitely come to know how to retrieve deleted files from Micro SD card.

Why Restore Erased App?

Restore Erased is a powerful and highly preferred data restoration utility by professional and normal users around the globe for recovering erased Micro SD card data. It has powerful built-in programs that scan the card to find and recover pictures, video clips, Word documents, compressed folders, spreadsheets, songs and more. It facilitates you to perform erased Micro SD card recovery on Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 and 2008. This award-winning software is also compatible with popular Mac OS versions like Yosemite, Snow Leopard, Lion, Leopard, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, 10.5.x, etc. Using this promising software, you can get back deleted data from Micro SD card of your digital camera, phone, camcorder, etc. Taking the assistance of this recovery app, you can even recover required info from various branded Micro SD cards such as Transcend, Samsung, Lexar, SanDisk, Verbatim, PNY, Kingston, Sony, Memorex, etc. Other than Micro SD card, it also supports the recovery of formatted or corrupted MiniSD card, SDHC, CF, SDXC, SD, xD, etc. With the help of this highly rated utility, you can recover data from hard disk, iPods, flash Pen drive, SSD, etc. After erased Micro SD card recovery process is done, you can preview recovered data prior to restoration.