Easiest Way of Retrieving Data from Deleted FAT32 Partition

FAT stands for File Allocation Table which is considered as robust. The main responsibility of the partition is to provide a simple and a precise access to the data. There are different kinds of file systems which are present worldwide like FAT, FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS. Among all these file systems; FAT32 is the most trusted because nearly all the devices have started using this one due to its flexible way to classify the data on a particular system. Even though a lot of precautionary measures is being taken, you might get a situation of data loss in the FAT32 partition, due to the deletion of the partition and these are caused due to some kind of human intervention.

Since partition provides the abstraction to divide program files from the user files, let us consider a real scenario where it is required to resize a particular partition using the disk management utility tool. After selecting the partition instead of resizing it, unknowingly you deleted the partition, which makes you annoyed and forces you to think about the recovery process and here the significance of File recovery tool comes into existence.

Scenarios causing the deletion of FAT32 partition

  • The virus is the first and the foremost reason behind the deletion of the FAT32 partition because it interrupts the normal execution of the process by disrupting the sensitive information contained in the partition.
  • While creating any new partition using the disk management utility, if you are finding any kind of interruption due to any kind of power surge, you may end in a situation leading to deletion of the FAT32 partition.
  • You must be very cautious while using the third party application because the usage of unreliable third party tool might lead to the corruption in the partition which in turn leads to the severe data loss.
  • There are a lot of users who used to upgrade or reinstall their OS without having the proper knowledge of organizing the partitions which might lead to the unintentional deletion of the FAT32 partition.
  • Since MBR used to store the information about the organization of the logical partitions, corruption in the MBR will cause the deletion of the partition resulting in a huge data loss.

Why should we adapt File Recovery Tool?

  •  File recovery tool is a remarkable tool that is being utilized by a large number of users to recover the FAT32 partition along with restoring the other file systems such as FAT, FAT16 and NTFS on all the versions of the Windows operating system like Windows7, 8 and XP.
  • This is an enhanced user-friendly tool which mainly focuses on recovering the deleted FAT32 partition because the novice users who are not even aware of this process can recover deleted the FAT32 partition with great ease.
  • This tool also has the capability to restore erased FAT32 partition from different hard drive types such as SATA, SCSI and IDE etc.
  • It provides us a detailed description on how to retrieve the partition with few screenshots.