Corrupt SD Card Data Recovery

Usage of SD cards in mobile phones allows you to store and carry huge size of data despite its compact size. As it has a large number of advantages, it has many drawbacks too. If the SD card you are using becomes corrupt, then you may have lost the access to the data stored on your SD cards. This is what we are covering here, corrupt SD card recovery.

Download the software after watching this video as the download link is present in the description section of the YouTube video. Once it is successfully downloaded on your computer, install it and continue the file / data recovery process from the corrupt SD card by connecting it to the PC / computer using a data cable. Follow along with the video and get back your data without any errors.

Key Features of SD Card Recovery Software

  • Easy to use software. (Very easy-to-use interface packed with powerful algorithms.
  • Has strong recovery mechanisms. (Scans entire disk drive for errors and restores data from all the sectors of the corrupt SD cards).
  • Supports all SD cards for recovery (Corrupt / Damaged and formatted SD cards, microSD cards, CF cards, XD cards, SDXC and SDHX cards).
  • Option to sort the recovered files. (Users can sort by its modified date, size, and name of the file and also find a file by its name).
  • Preview option (Used to help users and this also shows the reliability of this tool).
  • Saving the Recovery Session. (Saves a lot of time and users can avoid scanning the drive again and again).
  • Ability to recover data and files from hard drives, solid state drives, USB drives, etc along with the SD cards.

Reasons of SD Card becoming Corrupt

  • Due to the infection of malware and viruses in computers can destroy the files present on the computer by harming and corrupting them. If you connect the SD card to that computer, then it might corrupt the data in SD cards for sure.
  • Due to the error in formatting the SD card. The system or the mobile phone in which you are accessing the SD card might throw errors while you format it and necessary action should be taken. Otherwise, you find the data corrupted.
  • Disrupting the deletion of data or disruption while formatting the SD card might corrupt the data in it.
  • Improper file transfer between the drive or from / to the SD cards can cause corruption to SD cards.
  • Removing the SD card abruptly from the mobile phone or card reader while the system is accessing it can cause problems in SD cards and you may face corruption in it.

You can protect yourself from those threats by following the best practices. But corruption comes in many forms and you can’t protect yourself from those that are still unknown to many of the users. Under all such cases, it is recommended that you use Remo Recover software to carry out corrupt SD card recovery. It saves you a lot of time in recovering and retrieves everything.